Driver’s Ed Fundraiser

Thinking about getting your driver’s permit? Looking for a way to contribute to 2021? Now you can do both at the same time with our Driver’s Ed fundraiser! 🚗🚗

Every year, the sophomore class partners with the National Driving and Traffic School (license number E4365) to offer an online, California DMV-approved Driver’s Ed course. You can take the 30-hour course on your own schedule and anywhere you go. When you finish, you will be mailed a certificate of completion, which you’ll need to take the learner’s permit test at the DMV. Enrollment is only $30.

Sign up when you’re ready at!


Class Shirt Pre-Order

Welcome back to school & the start of our sophomore year!

Ready to show some Sophomore Spirit? Now, you can pre-order your very own sophomore shirt at until Monday, 8/27! Pre-orders come at a discounted price and with guaranteed sizing. Proceeds from these shirts will go directly to fund our class activities.

Thank you to Antara Mallick for submitting this winning class shirt design! Also, shoutout to Kavya Iyer, Elwing Gao, Shasta Narayanan, Emily Chen, Natalie Homstad, Fred Lee, Matthew Lu, Alex Cheng, and Michael Yang for submitting great designs as well!

Go 2021!2021 Sophomore Class Shirt

Congratulations to the members of our core team for 2018 Homecoming! We were excited to see that more people applied overall than last year, and are looking forward to working with these amazing & talented people to make Sophomore Homecoming a blast!

(See Below)

Dec Heads (backdrop & planters):
Alex Cheng, Amory Gao, Elwing Gao, Iris Leung, Heather Li, Antara Mallick, Jessica Ye

Choreographers (choreo & teaching):
Girls Dance: Sarah Cheah, Nivi Madhan, and Amy Sun
Boys Dance: Jonathan Huang, Jash Gada, and Michael Yang
Coed Dance: Megan Hong, Anastasia Trushchankova, and Stephanie Feng

Scriptwriters (script, props, costumes, integration, music):
Ria Chaudhary, Alec Chen, Katie Chen, Renee Ge, Patricia Huang, Joonha Hwang, Kavya Iyer, Matthew Lu, Andrew Merr, Mukta Phatak, Kanav Tirumala, Michael Yang

Go 2021!
Love, Your Officers

Sophomore Homecoming 2018: Theme & Sign-ups!

Prepare to venture into the realm of the old gods next Homecoming as we enter the Norse kingdoms and discover the secrets they hold – the theme for our 2018 Sophomore Homecoming is ASGARD!

Special thanks to the 27 of you who contributed nearly 40 unique theme ideas in total in just two days, and especially to Anoushka Naik for submitting the winning theme!

Let’s conquer Asgard together! Join us by volunteering in decs and/or being a dancer, actor, or voice actor in our class skit. You can also take an active leadership role and sign up to be a decs head, scriptwriter, or choreographer.

Thank you for your constant support of our class– we couldn’t do all of this without you!

Sign up to volunteer here!

2018 Homecoming Theme Suggestion


Class of 2021-
Next year’s overall Homecoming theme will be Kingdoms! Now, it’s time for us to choose our own 2021 class theme related to Kingdoms.
We’d love to hear your input on possible class theme ideas! Fill out the form below with any suggestions you have by Wednesday night! For interested scriptwriters, you can also submit a short plot summary for your theme(s).

Based on your input, our officer team will choose the final theme this Thursday alongside the other classes. Thank you for your contributions to our class!


Powderpuff Feedback Survey

Hi everyone,

We had a great turnout this year in Powderpuff Football & Dance! I would love to see more of our classmates join in the future, so please take a few minutes to take our anonymous Powderpuff Feedback Survey! This is for anyone who participated OR chose not to participate and would like to let us know their concerns. Thank you so much for contributing your feedback for us to make Powderpuff even better!


Class Officer Election Results

Thank you all for voting in the recent elections! Your 2021 Class Office team for the 2018-2019 school year is as follows:
President – Michael Zhao
Vice Presidents – Jonathan Huang and Joyce Feng
Secretary – Gaby Tran
Treasurer – Zoe Parkhomovsky

Additionally, shout-outs to Antara Mallick, Matthew Lu, Alden Gu, Amy Sun, Austin Tong, Megan Hong, Alex Cheng, Jash Gada, and Nivi Madhan for running as well! We hope you continue to bring your enthusiasm and spirit to our class in this upcoming year.

Powderpuff Shirt Size Form



Attention all Powderpuff participants! (this has also been sent on Messenger and Facebook)

Thank you for voting for our Powderpuff class shirt color! The winning color was light pink, which won more than 2x more votes than the 2nd place option after we factored in how people ranked their color choices. All Powderpuff participants (in either football or dance) should fill out their shirt size in this form by the end of this Thursday, March 22nd. Pricing will be determined by the Senior Class President next week.

If you have any questions, reply here or DM any of the officers. Thank you for participating!


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Homecoming Participation Sheet

For all those who participated in Homecoming in any way, please check this document to make sure your name is on there in the appropriate place(s). We want to make sure that credit is given where credit is due! This will also be the sheet that we will submit to the yearbook. If there are any corrections we need to make, fill out the form linked on the second page of that document. Thanks!